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Helping Small Businesses Quickly Unearth 10’s to 100’s of Thousands of Dollars - Guaranteed


I bring years of experience helping small business owners to quickly identify and solve their most profit and life sucking problems, and design their business for high performance.

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What People Say?

I found Jim to be very knowledgeable, honest, diligent, and forthright - with a genuine interest in his clients. We have recently contracted with Jim for additional consultation as we transition about business to the next generation. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for guidance and expertise in all areas of business management.

 - Merlin L Miller, President Colonial Barns and Sheds

About Jim Adams

As the founder of a small now multi-million dollar business providing real products to real people, I understand what it means to grow a business from the ground up. And as a seasoned business consultant, I’ve seen first hand working with 100’s of small businesses the biggest most common obstacle is focusing on too many things missing out on massive opportunities. 


By knowing their “Current Focal Point.” business owners are then empowered to focus on achieving mastery of “the business of the business” one area at a time - while creating the cash and freedom that’s needed to grow.


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