Hi. My name is Jim Adams.

 A business consultant who specializes in helping business owners and management teams better organize and actually USE their numbers to dramatically improve their business’ performance while identifying and correcting their biggest profit sucking cash draining problems.

My core philosophy is this – “The highest performing businesses are built on instinct AND numbers.”

Relying on Your Gut Works For Awhile – Until It Doesn’t

Traditional financial statements were never designed to drive small businesses. Entrepreneurs know this intuitively, so they rely on their gut – which works for a while. Until it doesn’t. Profit literally becomes whatever is left over after paying all the bills.

Once your numbers are properly organized and laid out, (it’s easier than you might think) and your entire management team is using them, all of your talent, your hard work, those long hour restless nights and your financial risk will REALLY begin to pay off – and actually show up in your bank account. And get this: Your books don’t even need to be straight to make massive progress! 

While starting my own consulting company, I was a top producer in the outdoor landscape structures industry as the owner of www.AmericanLandscapeStructures.com.  Prior to that, I was a leading business consultant and project manager for the international business consulting company ISI. Frequently called upon when client companies needed help with sales and marketing, complicated people issues, or when other consultants somehow got off track and a “fixer” was needed, I learned “the business of the business” working in the trenches with small and family-held businesses.

Nowadays, you’ll find me traveling the country with my wife Cara and two German Shepherds Buddy and Hannah “camping” in our RV (Basically a hotel suite on wheels.) –This allows me the tremendous freedom to consult and run my other businesses from the road. Along with business, I’m passionate about CrossFit, obstacle course racing, and pizza.

While I enjoy blogging, most of my communication is done privately to my email list. The vast majority of my readers feel my email list contains my best content. You can sign up for my email list at www.jimadamsconsulting.com/list and you’ll even get a nice gift — a free copy of one of my paid newsletters (retail value, $97).

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I Didn’t Know a Pole Mill From An Ant Hill But Could Find The Money Like it Was Lying on the Floor

Even early on as a new business consultant, it didn’t matter what kind of business it was –  metalworking, retail jewelry, woodworking, aerospace or industrial repairs – I could always find money like it was lying on the floor.

My first consulting job was at a “pole mill” in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee (Cookeville) with one reasonably clean but “rustic” motel, and one blinking traffic light. The owners, Bill and Joe were super skeptical – and believe me – the suits did NOT help. What their company did was strip pine and oak logs down to fence poles. The first assignment from my project manager Mr. Hill was to go over to the milling machine and observe the process while not making it too obvious I was looking at my watch. So I trudged through foot deep mud in my suit and tie hopping from one slightly less muddy spot to the other trying not to get mud inside my dress shoes. After watching the crew’s movements for 10 minutes or so, there were a couple of things I could just see. When I was an artillery officer, I had this way of being observant, making super-quick calculations in my head, and making something happen. Anyway, I went back (through the mud) to the office to take some notes and do some calculations.

 Billy and Joe Warmed Up to Me Quite a Bit So I Ended Up Staying In That Little Motel Eating Country Diner Food for Two More Weeks. 

It took some digging with the owners to make sure we had spotted where the bottleneck was and that the change would actually make a real difference and not just on paper. What we found was over $100,000 a year in improved profits resulting from two simple changes that simply increased the number of poles being produced each day. One thing I knew is that we needed a home for all those extra poles we would be making – i.e. sales. Turns out they had an open contract for as many as they could make and that locked down that the improvement would be real. Bill and Joe warmed up to me quite a bit so I ended up staying in that little motel eating country diner food for two more weeks.

Even Through 9/11 and the 2008 Financial Crisis and Now the Coronavirus, We Were Able to Get Many of Those Dreams Back on Track.

 Each job was very different over the years, but they were also all the same. Intelligent hard-working people with businesses off the ground, but their dream had somehow gotten away from them.