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Oct 17, 2022
NOT Metaverse

Have you heard of this thing now “IRL?” It stands for “In Real Life.” 


I heard this first from my friend Jason Frazell this past week as I was attending an in person mastermind meet-up of Mike Kim’s Impact and Influence mastermind group. 


First, I was tremendously grateful after everything we’ve all been through, the isolation, the death and sickness, this whole full on  shit-show of today’s rapidly degrading political discourse that this amazing group of people, some of whom have become my closest friends, were all in one room together.


Then later, at the airport, my curiosity struck me seeing this title in the store called “The Metaverse Handbook.” Are any of you familiar with that commercial where this little old lady has pictures of the people she knows on her literal wall, and she’s friending and unfriending people sticking them up on the wall and then taking them down and someone tells her, “Ethel, that’s not how any of this works!” 


Well that’s me. I’m good with Facebook and Linkedin, but Instagram still stumps me sometimes and I’ve never even been on tik tok. 


And friends, I’m all-in addicted to Facebook. Seems like every time I stop I”m checking it, and don’t even want to think of how much time I’ve been wasting lately. I’m not completely oblivious to this whole online connection thing.


But what struck me about the contrast of this “IRL” and Metaverse thing is that where the world seems to be going is even more “NIRL” NOT in real life connection where we’re gathering in these virtual spaces to party, and play games and hang out. Oh My Fucking God!!!! Please make it stop! NO! 


I’m SO grateful for Zoom and video conferencing - it’s opened up a whole new world. And I’m sure some of my national friends will soon be having a virtual hang out where we’ll all be wearing our virtual headsets and hugging it out with one another’s avatars having some of the same conversations we just had in Nashville, taking virtual shots, eating virtual edibles, playing games, creating content and workshopping together, but without the expense and the jet lag. 


I am so thankful this year how much my wife Cara and I have been able to travel and live IN REAL LIFE. 


Back last February I think it was when Mike announced the in person meet-up was going to be 3 time zones away in Denver I thought, “I’m too busy for this, this is going to be exhausting. I have so much going on right now, how am I going to get away?” and on and on. We had planned for a very busy, busy year where our only vacation we would have time for would be during the off-season in December. 


THEN our mastermind leader Mike put out this post where he had completely redone his schedule to take off the entire months of June and December for his and Jesus’ birthdays, and cut his schedule back to 4 days/week. I decided right then we were going to take off two full weeks while traveling out West. I was a bit concerned about the drive time but my wife convinced me to go to Jackson Hole, Wyoming which was absolutely EPIC!!!!


The highlight of the trip was that Siri was telling me where to go (she’s the only entity in the universe I let tell me anything) how to get from Jackson to Casper WY, she was taking us this route up by Jackson Lake. When I told the valet, he said, “Be careful and make sure to use your 4 wheel drive.” How I know he said this is because later, my wife told me. If I was there in that moment when he said “Be careful”, I didn’t hear it. 


So it started snowing that morning in Jackson. By the time we got up to Jackson Lake before turning East, it was really coming down. Turns out Siri was taking us through this 9,800 foot elevation mountain pass through a blizzard. IT WAS AWESOME! Cara loved it too. It was a little sketchy after we crested the mountain and started coming down, there were some “oh shit” moments when I wished I had worn my brown pants just in case. A turn or two I had to downshift not knowing if this rental Chevy Tahoe was going to go into a spin through the guardrail and down a cliff into a fiery and dramatic end. 


So anyway, I’m sure I’ll be seeing some of you in the Metaverse. In the meantime between now and the end of the year, it’s now October 17 Cara and I are planning on being on the IRL road living our lives IN REAL LIFE for 39  out of the remaining 75 days in the year. Stay tuned for virtual reports of our adventures. There will be no VR Goggles involved.


Some of you we will be seeing you soon - IRL IN REAL LIFE. 


By the way, I'm not in the picture above because I was in a zoom meeting at the time and missed it.