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There are Four Types of Business Owners.

The Gunslinger, The Mechanic, The Goalie, and The Unicorn.


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Congrats, fellow entrepreneur! Because of your courage, effort, and being great at what you do - your business is up off the ground!

No need to be falsely humble. Yes, you had some help and probably at least a little luck, good fortune, juju, God’s favor- all of the above. You took all that and did your part. You made it happen. Take some time to celebrate.

We all have areas where we excel that have helped us get to where we are.

But when businesses grow, things get more complicated.

Life can suck as a business owner because even if you do have plenty of money, (which is rare) the more your business grows, the more stressed you get.

You try various ways to fix it, delegating, taking control, hiring more people, having fewer people, getting more customers, getting rid of customers.

But that freedom that you got into business for to begin with isn’t happening.

We all have blindspots - and tuition gets more expensive as the business gets bigger.

Even if you have an MBA, that doesn’t teach you what you need to know to run a small business.

While you’re the biggest reason for your success, You can also be your own worst enemy.


Since so many entrepreneurs are willing to work incredibly hard, even at the expense of their personal wellbeing and that of their families, they’re able to overcome a multitude of sins through brute force. Sound familiar?

Do you ever run out of daylight before running out of fires to put out?

If your blindspots are costing you, you’re in very good company. Every business owner has blindspots.


For example, Steve Jobs, the leader of the team that created the Apple computer, the Macintosh computer, the iPhone, iPod, iPhone, that literally transformed the way we live our lives was fired because of three major blindspots.

  • He used his amazing super-powers - a combination of brilliance, confidence, stubbornness and ability to influence to bully through every idea that he wanted.
  • His black and white approach in design with an absolute focus on the product.
  • His disdain for anything related to finance.

He eventually came back to become the leader of what is now one of the highest valued companies in the world.

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I should introduce myself...

I’m Jim Adams,
Principal Consultant.


As a full-time management consultant, I’ve helped 100’s of business owners move out of the “THIS SUCKS!” stage of business growth since 1999.

I do this by starting with an in depth diagnosis - most importantly getting to know the business owner - how they work. The business owner already usually has years of experience attempting to solve different problems. We quickly uncover the biggest time and cash sucking leaks in the business and get them fixed.

Meanwhile, we also take a longer term look at how to help the business achieve the different forms of stability needed to grow without adding even MORE stress on the owner.

All that experience and what I learned working with 100’s of business owners didn’t protect me from myself - my own blindspots - when I ramped up my own business.

As a Gunslinger myself, I got the business off the ground quickly with plenty of sales making more money than I ever had before. And I was always trying different things to get more. Back a few years ago someone approached me about creating this online pavilion visualizer to stand out in the market. I own - we sell mostly pavilions, a few pergolas, and gazebos.

It seemed 110% absolute this was going to be a game changer and blow up our sales. With this super cool online 3D pavilion visualizer tool - you could upload a picture of your backyard, put a pavilion back there any size you want, add pavers, change the roof color. Move it. Rotate it around. Sounds super cool, right? I thought for sure our visitors would love it - I tried every trick in the book - and absolute crickets. Nothing. Nada. 10’s of thousands of dollars plus my time and the traffic I sent there - it actually cost me sales.

There are 3 reasons the business failure rate has stayed around 80%. And they all have to do with the owner/founder.

  • Blindspots of the owner.
  • How they use (or don’t use) their numbers.
  • Money mindset. Too loose or too tight.